Playing Changes

by Using Chords Arpeggios


In this section on example of famous jazz standard composition Autumn Leaves (by Johnny Mercer) I shall explain usage of chords arpeggios for playing changes. This lesson will consist of five parts:

1 - Autumn Leaves harmony and chords in 5 fret cell;
2 - chords arpeggios in 5 fret cell;
3 - Autumn Leaves Arpeggio Etude with ascending and descending voice leading;
4 - Autumn Leaves Arpeggio Etude with rhythm variations;
5 - Autumn Leaves Solo that based on Arpeggio Etude with chords tensions and extensions, modes and passing tones. 

DOWNLOAD Vitali's "Autumn Leaves Arpeggio Etudes & Solo" in PDF

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