Vitali - One can’t help being impressed by your technical ability as a musician.

Vitali’s style probably best described as fusion rock or fusion jazz. I’m also quite taken by how fluid Vitali’s delivery sounds. The fact that Vitali T surrounded himself with other like-minded musicians who are similarly talented allows Vitali T Project to explore musical terrain that would be off limits to lesser musicians. The songs itself features a solid structures, and the melody lines is quite memorable. This is important! All the technique in the world won’t sound that impressive if the song isn’t good. Songs flow smoothly from start to finish and feels quite satisfying emotionally.

(Corey Christiansen Quartet, Utah State University, Mel Bay Publications)

Vitali's new album is burnin'. He has killer chops and lots of amazing tones. His composing is clever and sophisticated. If you're into guitar, check this one out.

(National Artist of the Republic of Belarus, Pesniary, composer, arranger)

In my opinion, record “Sides” by Vitali T Project is very impressive and great debut! After all that, probably, will be not that easy to move ahead with such fine level of playing and composing. With all the heart I wish you new interesting ideas and success! Good luck Vitali!

(Carl Culpepper Band, Mad Margritt, Atlanta Institute of Music faculty member)

I've been enjoying this CD a lot! Adventures in great guitar playing! Well done, and Rock on Vitali! Killer CD!


(solo artist, Bill Hart Project)

The Vitali's debut album is a great work for an indie musician. it show mature compositions, nice guitar skills and interesting arrangements, plus the album mix is well done. Now I'm so curios to listen his next solo work.

(The Neville Brothers, LeAnn Rimes, Jewel, Willie Nelson, John Waite, Leni Stern …)

 Vitali, I've enjoyed listening your CD - you have a nice touch and great tone - I like your tunes! Nice melodies! Congratulations!


(solo artist, Swing Factory)

The generous helping of 12 tunes on “Sides” showcases Mr. Tkachenka’s ability to demonstrate a wide range of expression. There is a true feeling of joy and happiness that comes out of the music.



If you're looking for a new piece of music to own that will be something to satisfy your many musical tastes, look no further. 'Sides' by Vitali T Project needs to be a part of your music collection! From Jazz, to Fusion, to straight out guitar instrumental rock Satriani style, you will find it all here. Great album Vitali! Keep 'em coming!

(Steve Rieck Trio, Atlanta Institute of Music faculty member)

As a friend and former teacher of Vitali's, I am extremely proud of his CD release "Sides". This is not only a great showcase of consistently excellent guitar playing, but also a very musically diverse CD that keeps me interested from start to finish. Way to go Vitali! I'm looking forward to the next one.

(Trey Wright Trio, Squat, Atlanta Institute of Music faculty member)

Great CD!  I really enjoy getting a chance to hear you play again!


(Carl Culpepper Band, Mad Margritt, Atlanta Institute of Music faculty member)

With his instrumental CD, Sides, Vitali Tkachenka reveals many dimensions as a composer and guitarist. The combination of versatility and chops makes this a record that's both impressive and a lot of fun to listen to.

(Mighty McFly, Coldunya, Atlanta Institute of Music faculty member)
 Vitali came up with an very interesting fusion of different fills in music that brings its own distinctive style and sound. Awesome!
(solo artist, Atlanta Institute of Music faculty member)

Vitali is a Great player, whether it be rock or jazz. And he demonstrates that with this release. Mellow or a rocker this CD lets Vitali strut his stuff! Rock on!


BassBel Magazine

Виталий Ткаченко (Vitali T) родился, вырос и получил среднее образование в Минске. Затем поступил в Институт Современных Знаний им. Широкова А.М. по классу гитары, но судьба занесла парня за океан, и он решил продолжить свое музыкальное образование в Атланте (США), где с отличием окончил Atlanta Institute of Music, а в данный момент является уже и преподавателем этого легендарного учебного заведения...


  Евгений Долгих продолжает рецензировать интересные белорусские альбомы, не вписывающиеся в основные стилистические рамки нашего проекта. Сегодня рассказ о дебютном диске молодого гитариста Виталия Ткаченко – ученика Юрия Дмитриева ("Троіца"), который с 2006 года живет в США.


Восем гадоў таму беларускі гітарыст Віталь ТКАЧЭНКА, не скончыўшы айчынную прыватную ВНУ, рушыў у ЗША. Бо вырашыў навучацца джазу на яго радзіме. Зараз ён выкладае ў Інстытуце музыкі і медыя ў Атланце — тым самым, які скончыў. Выдаў некалькі кніг па ігры на гітары, безліч метадычных дапаможнікаў — друкаваных, аўдыя- і відэа-, уласны магнітаальбом. З’яўляецца музыкантам — прадстаўніком фірмы, якая займаецца вырабам гітар, музычнага абсталявання і выпусціла імянную ткачэнкаўскую мадэль гітары. Выправіўшыся ў Маскву, ладзіць прэзентацыі вырабаў кампаніі, завітаў у родны Мінск, дзе правёў цыкл майстар-класаў. “К” цікава было даведацца, чым адрозніваецца музычнае і, шырэй, мастацкае навучанне за акіянам.