Modern Scales Concepts


MODERN SCALES CONCEPTS book by Vitali Tkachenka is a scales and modes method with over 50 different scales.


It contains scales formulas, three universal guitar scale diagrams for each scale (that might be used in any key), scales/modes relations and tips on how and when to use each scale. Book contains diatonic scales and modes, pentatonics, hexatonic scales and exotic scales.

More information about "Modern Scales Concepts" book you can find on MSC BOOK page.



VITALI T webcam lessons:


Webcam lessons include studying materials from Vitali T, and literature recommendations in subject of study.

 Basic music score reading skills are preferred but not required.

Studying process will include following subjects: Music Theory (Jazz & Classical), Reading, Harmony, Composition, Scales, Chords, Improvisation, Technique and more.

Preferred music genres for advanced students are:  Rock, Fusion, Jazz (Traditional, Modal and Latin).


 These webcam lessons with Vitali T are 1 on 1 private instruction sessions (face to face - 1 hour) by way of webcam and below is the information in regards to specifications:


 - A scheduled test date before the lesson to make sure everything works correctly

 - Skype software and account

 - High speed Internet connection (Cable/DSL)

 - Must have the functioning capability to interface and interact with Vitali (audio and video) includes: Webcam, PC microphone, and your guitar

 - For advanced students is recommended to have notation software (Sibelius, Finale, GuitarPro etc.)

Please keep in mind that all who sign up must speak English, Russian, Belarus or Ukrainian.

To know more details, lessons rate and availability, please don't hesitate to contact at or call at +1 (706) 380-2078.

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